WNYC Studios uses UTA ​​for television and film adaptations. | Story

WNYC Studios, the podcast-producing arm of New York Public Radio, has signed on with talent agency UTA to scout for opportunities to leverage its content in Hollywood. In addition to television and film adaptations, UTA will also work on behalf of WNYC Studios to secure strategic partnerships.

“We are thrilled to partner with UTA for the television and film adaptations,” WNYC Chief Content Officer Andrew Golis said in a statement. “WNYC Studios is home to some of the most creative and ambitious storytellers of our time. Their stories entertain and inform millions of listeners around the world, and this partnership with UTA will allow these essential stories to travel even further. new media and new platforms.

WNYC Studios was an early adopter of podcasting, and the network is home to some of the most popular and critically acclaimed shows in the industry, including radiolab, On the media, Death, sex and money, New York Radio Hourand The United States of Anxiety.

“WNYC is known for its premium content, and we look forward to bringing their award-winning stories to an even wider audience in new verticals,” said Oren Rosenbaum, UTA Partner and Head of Audio. “We are thrilled to work alongside the incredible team at WNYC,” he said in the announcement.

The list of potential adaptations also includes WNYC specials, including Radiolab’s mix tapewho explored the impact of cassette tapes on everything from music to politics, and more perfect, the first-ever Radiolab spin-off series that examined some of the most important decisions of the United States Supreme Court and the impact they have had inside and outside the court. More Perfect will resume production in 2023.

There’s also his latest podcast series Dead End, the first production from WNYC Studios’ new documentary unit dedicated to non-fiction long-form audio storytelling. Dead End tells the story of the unsolved 2014 murders of prominent political couple John and Joyce Sheridan. This week, the New Jersey State Attorney General’s Office confirmed that he reopened the investigation of the case based on reports in the podcast hosted by Nancy Solomon.

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