Why do some book-movie adaptations succeed and others not?

Many filmmakers rush to make an adaptation as soon as a book hits the market. A lot of people want to create a movie franchise like Harry Potter. But they end up doing “Percy Jackson”. Not delving into any particular movie, but some just weren’t executed properly. There are many reasons why some film adaptations of our favorite book succeed and others fail completely in the market.

In this blog, Betway will examine why some book-movie adaptations succeed and others don’t.

What makes a book-film adaptation successful?

To explain this, let’s take a look at one of the highest-grossing book-to-movie adaptations of all time, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2.

  1. Excellent story:

First of all, the story of Harry Potter is not simple but not confusing either. Complicated storylines often result in a messy film that doesn’t really touch on the real essence. And that movie was the end of a long franchise. The actors grew up with us. And there were teen dramas and emotions involved that made it perfect.

  1. Art flow:

The main reason it succeeded is because of its effortless flow. They didn’t rush into anything. Moreover, they didn’t miss the development of all the other characters involved. We enjoyed the bravery of Neville Longbottom and how a timid boy was able to wield Godric Gryffindor’s sword. They gave us a bit of all our favorites without just focusing on the main tracks. Also, the execution made it look smooth and flowing.

  1. End of an era:

We have watched Harry Potter from a very young age through to adolescence. By the time Deathly Hallows was released, the franchise had gained traction around the world. The long wait between each film is also an important reason for its success. Deathly Hallows II is the end of a very long story. We all knew that the era of Harry Potter movies was going to end there. So the movie naturally had higher expectations and also a massive group of fans around the world to see how they ended the series.

Our Verdict…

For a book-film adaptation to be successful, it must not forcibly deviate from the original content. Additionally, budget and execution play a major role in the success of a film adaptation.

What makes the book-to-movie adaptation a failure?

We’re not going to talk about Percy Jackson. The film adaptation in question will be Dusk for this section. Some may think Twilight wasn’t a big fail. However, those who have read the book clearly know that it failed miserably.

  1. Lack of magic:

The original material had so much going for it. The film failed to capture nearly all of its true essence. The love between Edward and Bella was beautiful and not a grating, slow-paced story. This is the main reason why some adaptations fail. Either they are overdoing it or they are doing the exact opposite. The original characters had so much dynamics, as the filmmakers decided to make everyone in the movie two-dimensional.

  1. Deviations from original content:

We all appreciate a little touch once in a while. But changing a significant part of the book that fans have found memorable isn’t the right way to go about it. Mostly, Jacob impregnating Bella’s daughter. The book and the movie had the same story. Still, the book does a better job of explaining what imprinting really means. It makes it less scary. We have to admit, it was a little weird to see a grown man “soaking” a newborn child. Also, why would anyone want to create a baby in CGI and make it look so fake?

  1. Actors:

When we read the book, we perceive the characters as we interpret the text. But when you watch a film adaptation, it’s someone else’s interpretation. That too, a whole other human being plays the role, and they are not a figment of our imagination. Few viewers liked the cast. They added unnecessary scenes for less interesting characters and cut scenes with fan-favorite ones. I love Kristen Stewart. But I’m really not a fan of her depiction of a clumsy teenager. It garnered more memes than positive reviews.

Our Verdict…

Finally, the main reason for failure is the budget. It highly depends on the movie’s budget and not just the obvious factors like bad acting.

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