THE CHOICES OF RAY: Discover three feature films “At close range” | Ray’s choices

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“Point Blank” (1967): I’m not sure I have Lee Marvin. To me, her face is as expressive as the head of an Easter Island statue, but that’s just me. However, there is no denying that this “Point Blank” is by far the most influential of the three we are reviewing this week. John Boorman uses bold visual and sound editing techniques, irregular rhythm and a general sense of disorientation in this adaptation of the first of Richard Stark’s “Hunter” novels (my hero’s pseudonym, Donald E. Westlake). The film features a remarkable cast of actors whose faces can express emotions, including Angie Dickinson, Carroll O’Connor, Keenan Wynn, Lloyd Bochner and John Vernon. It also includes great location footage with the Alcatraz always ready for the camera.

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“The Unthinkable” (2018): Here’s a weird mix of disaster action movie and family relationship movie. In an extended prologue, we learn how Alex (Christoffer Nordenrot) suffers under the cold and violent father Björn (Jesper Barkselius) until Alex finally flees to the big city. A few years later he has become a successful musician, but unfortunately seems as cut and emotionless as his father. And then all hell breaks loose as the city endures a devastating wave of mysterious attacks of unknown origin. Movie-like style, Alex and Björn end up having to work together to keep a motley group of survivors (including Alex and her husband’s kind of childhood girlfriend) from succumbing to everything from hostile soldiers to rain. poisoned.

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