The 9 Best Paranormal Movies & Documentaries On Hulu, Ranked By IMDb


The Hulu streaming service has a huge collection of horror ranging from classic movies and series to new originals. Likewise, it wouldn’t be surprising to find that the diversity of paranormal documentaries on Hulu is equally impressive. While such documentaries always present the dilemma of differentiating fact from fiction, they are doomed to confuse and intrigue viewers looking for their own answers.

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From the history of UFO sightings to trips to ghostly hotspots, Hulu has no shortage of mainstream and niche paranormal documentary content. These are the best and the worst they have to offer, according to IMDb voters.

9 Skinwalker Hunt (2018): 4.4

Skinwalker Hunt Poster

Based on hundreds of UFO sightings, Skinwalker Ranch is known as one of the most popular paranormal hotspots in human history. However, the UFO angle is just the tip of the iceberg as this documentary reveals past cases of animal mutilations and discoveries of unknown creatures over the past decades.

From the book by George Knapp and Dr Colm Kelleher, Skinwalker Hunt primarily focuses on a scientific study that was led by a menacing aerospace mogul and several doctorates. students. With enough factual speculation, the documentary addresses some secrets of the Ranch that would certainly amuse conspiracy theorists who fear an alien invasion.

8 The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch (2020-): 6.1

Poster for The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch

Yet another UFO documentary on the Skinwalker Ranch, this 2-season series focuses on scientists’ investigations into the Utah hotspot. In their quest for answers to the UFO-centric story of the 512-acre colony, they end up using advanced technologies like drones and ground-penetrating radars.

The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch is not only interested in the history of the place, but also in the challenges it poses today. Although they have gained international notoriety, the secrets of Skinwalker Ranch have yet to be fully uncovered in the public eye.

7 Sasquatch (2021): 6.2

Sasquatch documentary promotional poster

While there are many Bigfoot fiction films out there, Sasquatch is a limited series that subverts familiar paranormal documentary tropes in favor of a more spooky vibe. The titular monster is the subject of speculation with reporter David Holthouse traveling to Northern California to investigate the story of a Bigfoot attack 25 years ago.

It’s clear that a Bigfoot could be a fictional creation, but the haunting attack that guides Holthouse’s investigation could play with the public. Whether the creature exists or not, the anticipation of an inexplicable beast in the woods is enough to instill a sense of dread and mystery in anyone.

6 Unrecognized (2017): 7

Unrecognized documentary poster

It is no secret that the US government may have access to several secrets related to UFOs. Organizations like The Disclosure Project seek to make these secrets available in the public domain. As the title suggests, Not recognized tries to interpret such secrets. The filmmakers’ sources include top secret witnesses and experts who have been part of CIA covert operations in the past.

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What is remarkable about the great claims of Not recognized is not just a focus on state sponsored UFO operations, but even a so-called “criminal coup” within such investigative operations.

5 The Curse of Oak Island (2014-): 7

Oak Island Curse Documentary Poster

Off the coast of Nova Scotia lies Oak Island, a destination that has attracted treasure hunting operations since the 18th century. The curse of Oak Island presents the modern storyline with a team of two brothers searching for lost artifacts on the island. Not only is this research based on historical facts, but also myths like that of the Templars and their attempts to revive a Phoenician goddess.

While Season 8 of the Canadian show has delved into a lot of real-world affairs, legends like these add to the so-called “curse” of the titular island.

4 Glory to Satan? (2019): 7.3

A still image of Hail Satan with a statue of Satan sitting on a throne

Satan and the cults around the biblical figure have always been a source of fascination for those with an interest in the paranormal. How far can someone go in their devotion to the Devil? Does the devil really exist? The collective presented in Glory to Satan believe in the existence of Satan and wish to counter pop culture stereotypes of Satanists.

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Founded by Lucien Greaves, the Satanic Temple operates as a religious movement whose goal is to “cleanse the soul of America”. What follows is an interesting and entertaining look at the political and spiritual implications of the activities of this “sect”. If a viewer is looking for a quirky premise with even more quirky characters, then they should look no further.

3 Former aliens (2009-): 7.2

Giorgio Tsoukalos on Ancient Aliens on History Channel

Aliens were once associated only with dystopian futures and sci-fi movie tropes, but writers and researchers like Giorgio Tsoukalos and David Childress have linked the alien to a plethora of unsolved mysteries from the past. . Who created the Pyramids? Were there astronauts in ancient history? The answers to these questions relate to hypotheses related to extraterrestrials in Ancient aliens.

Despite polarizing theories, the History Channel original has racked up a cult following with 16+ seasons. Besides alien theories, the public can also gain insight into psychic phenomena and self-proclaimed “pseudo-scientific” theories.

2 Unsolved Mysteries (1987-): 7.3

Unsolved Mysteries TV Show

Over the years, Unsolved mysteries has undergone several iterations, but the format has remained largely unchanged. The iconic mystery series draws on a documentary format to investigate both cold cases and incidents from the past, many of which are paranormal in nature. To add more dramatic intensity, each episode uses reenactments of such events.

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Apart from the usual cases of supposed secret history and UFO sightings, the best episodes of Unsolved mysteries may also involve high-profile cases such as the filming of Tupac Shakur, Elvis Presley’s Last Night, and more.

1 Buzzfeed Unsolved – Supernatural (2016-): 8.7

Promotional art for Buzzfeed Unsolved Supernatural featuring two men walking and looking sideways with the moon in the background

Became famous thanks to Buzzfeed’s YouTube productions, the Unsolved buzzfeed the team returns for a full focus on supernatural cases that have been largely unexplained. As is generally the case with the best Unsolved Buzzfeed: The Real Crime episodes, Ryan Bergara tries to convince his “non-believing” friend Shane Madej of the existence of the paranormal.

The show is highly bingeable for its central concept of using a skeptic and a believer exploring supernatural folklore from around the world. In this way, the two perspectives emerge. Considering Ryan and Shane’s youthful energy, the two are also dynamic hosts that many new generation viewers would connect with.

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