Stephen King’s film adaptations are coming soon

Stephen King adaptations are in full force as many films and miniseries are expected for 2022 and beyond.

2022 is shaping up not only to be a banner year for horror, but also to be a banner year for Stephen King fans. In addition to the topicality of his next novel, Fairy talethere are a number of big and small screen adaptations set to premiere or go into finished production this year.

Although King was not a fan of all the film adaptations of his works, there are many versions that he liked, such as Mike Flanagan’s careful interpretation of Doctor Sleep. And with so many new movies and miniseries on the horizon, there’s bound to be something going on.

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Stephen King's Christine and Batman's Batmobile

For Hannibal fans, Bryan Fuller is working with Blumhouse and Sony to adapt the story of the infamous car from Hell, Christine. Originally tackled in 1983 by the legendary John Carpenter, Christina is a terrifying and quite literal twist on the man. v. Machine trope that sees a boy buy a seemingly normal car that ends up being much worse than a regular lemon because it turns out he has a bad agenda. This isn’t Fuller’s first foray into King’s world either, as he penned the 2002 TV movie Carrie. Christina should be released at the end of 2022.

Salem Bundle

Salem Bundle

Horror legend James Wan will deliver another adaptation of Salem Bundle This year. Currently slated for release on September 9, 2022, it centers on a writer returning to his childhood home in search of inspiration, only to find the town now has a vampire problem. Salem Bundle was previously adapted in 1979 for the big screen and in 2004 for TV, so it’s pretty much due for a fresh feel.

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Corn Children

corn children

Corn Children got a cult classic adaptation in 1984, but it’s set for a new take. This new film adaptation was announced in 2020, but fell victim to pandemic as it remained in production limbo. It’s not over yet for the Count, however, and this new take is set to be less of a loyal adaptation and more of a new angle, following a twelve-year-old girl who begins the process of recruiting the town’s kids. for her murderous plot while a lone high school student stands against her. Word has stalled a bit on this early release, but production still seems to be underway.


Later is a new story by Stephen King, first published in 2021. This pulp crime story follows a boy with advanced extrasensory perception (ESP) and his single mother as they work with the NYPD to track down a dead killer which wreaks havoc even after death. This will be another limited series outing courtesy of Blumhouse Television, the forces behind Hulu’s horror anthology. In the dark, and is expected to air in late 2022 or early 2023.

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Mr. Harrigan’s phone

if it bleeds cover

Mr. Harrigan’s phone is set for a film adaptation on Netflix from american horror story powerhouse Ryan Murphy collaborating with Blumhouse. In this story, from If it bleeds collection, a young boy befriends an eccentric billionaire old recluse, Mr. Harrigan. When the man dies, the boy still finds himself able to communicate with Mr. Harrigan from the grave via a particular iPhone. Jaeden Martell, who played young Bill in the THIS films, returns to the world of Stephen King as the film’s protagonist. While there’s no exact release date yet, production recently wrapped and Netflix is ​​still committed to a 2022 premiere.

Fire starter

fire starter

Drew Barrymore’s iconic childhood role in Fire starter has been a mainstay of pop culture for so long that another adaptation of the book hasn’t been attempted since 1984. Also hailing from Blumhouse Productions, this film adaptation will stick to the source material, following a young girl with pyrokinetic abilities who is kidnapped by a shady government organization. Written by Scott Teems of halloween kills fame, expect to see that later in the year. While there’s no exact date for its premiere, it recently received an R rating from the MPPA, meaning news of a release date should come sooner rather than later.

Pet Sematary Prequel

After the latest novelties of 2019 Pet sematary adaptation, get ready to explore this story a little more with a new prequel in the works. Little is known about the planned plot at this time, but it is written and directed by Lindsey Beer and sets up the capacity for the Pet sematary universe to finally become a franchise in its own right. The cast was fleshed out in 2021, and chances are they won’t want to wait too long for a release.

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