State Funded Grants Available To Support Nebraska Feature Films | Lifestyles


LINCOLN – Beginning October 1, filmmakers can apply for grants of up to $ 400,000 to support feature film projects shot on location in Nebraska that tell a Nebraska story.

Administered by the Nebraska Department of Economic Development, the Nebraska Film Office grant is available to resident or non-resident production companies that have budgeted at least $ 1 million to shoot a film on location that primarily features characters and locations based in Nebraska.

Grants, which can be applied for as early as 120 days and no later than 30 days before scheduled shooting, are available for feature films whose story and production elements meet certain criteria. These are described in detail in the application guidelines, but generally include:

The screenplay and resulting feature film must present a Nebraska story (some examples: a story based on events that took place in Nebraska; a fictional story set in Nebraska; a story featuring characters who live or have lived in Nebraska; a story that describes identifiable characters in Nebraska locations.)

A majority percentage of principal photography is to take place in Nebraska.

At least 50% of cumulative production workdays must utilize the services of Nebraska residents. (For example, five crew members who each work 10 days equals 50 cumulative working days).

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