Pamela Anderson will “tell the real story” in the Netflix documentary | Documentary films

Pamela Anderson has announced an “intimate” and “definitive” new documentary on Netflix.

The actress and activist revealed on Instagram that her years-long film will land on the streamer, following the controversial Hulu series Pam & Tommy, which was made without her approval or involvement.

The statement reads: “My life. A thousand imperfections. A million misconceptions. Wicked, wild and lost. Nothing to live for. I can only surprise you. Not a victim, but a survivor. And alive to tell the real story.

The as yet untitled documentary comes from director Ryan White, whose credits include the Netflix docuseries The Keepers and 2019’s Ask Dr Ruth; Anderson’s son, Brandon Thomas Lee, will be among the producers. It will provide exclusive access to Anderson as well as his personal diaries.

A tweet from Netflix added that the film “will feature the pop culture icon setting the record straight as she reflects on her professional and personal journey.”

The announcement comes shortly after the launch of Pam & Tommy, the narrative series that relives the fallout from the leaked sex tape between Anderson and Tommy Lee, starring Lily James and Sebastian Stan.

Anderson was reportedly contacted by the production for her involvement but was not interested. “I wish it was different,” James said in an interview with Porter, adding that she also reached out to Anderson personally. “My only intention was to do the story and play Pamela authentically.”

Those close to the former Baywatch actor have claimed the star is unhappy the project exists. In May 2021, Courtney Love claimed that the show’s existence caused “complex trauma” to Anderson. A source also told Entertainment Tonight it was “very painful for Pamela Anderson and everyone who loves her.”

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