Nielsen will measure feature films on VOD – The Hollywood Reporter

Nielsen – famous for his TV ratings – is getting into the feature film business.

The company announced Tuesday the launch of a new service, Theatrical Video-On Demand (TVOD). The offer, unveiled during Nielsen’s virtual session at CES 2021, comes as more Hollywood studios are making their movies available early at home on a range of VOD platforms due to collapsing windows. and the ongoing pandemic.

Some studios send their top titles directly to their streaming companies, such as Disney+ or HBO Max, while others, led by Universal, focus on premium VOD.

As a result, Nielsen believes there is a need for studios and content creators to analyze their audience volume and reach based on detailed household and individual characteristics, such as age and gender, ethnic or even market.

“As this unprecedented pandemic continues to influence consumer behavior, perhaps even through a prolonged state of recovery waves, being able to measure and help customers appropriately monetize new sources of revenue has never been more critical,” said Scott N. Brown, Nielsen Chief Executive Officer. audience measurement.

“A bigger question might be what audiences will do after any rerun, how behavior during stay-at-home orders might influence habits when consumers are given the opportunity to return to theaters to enjoy that experience, and how creators will leverage the data to make the best decisions about distribution platforms in the future,” Brown continued in his statement.

Nielsen also used his CES presentation to release his best 2020 lists, including feature films, whether library titles or direct-to-streaming offerings.

Disney+ won seven of the top 10 spots for the year, including the top two: Frozen II (14.92 billion minutes) and Moana (10.51 billion). It also includes two Disney+ titles originally intended for theatrical release at Pixar. Forward (8.37 billion minutes viewed) and the performance captured live from hamilton (6.13 billion).

Streamers say Nielsen’s methodology doesn’t capture the full range of viewing on devices other than TVs. Nielsen also only measures US audiences, not those in other countries.

So far, Hollywood studios have been tight-lipped when it comes to viewership numbers for their high-profile streaming or PVOD titles.

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