Netflix reveals plans to expand Japanese content with feature films


Netflix announced on Tuesday that it is expanding its range of Japanese titles with a host of ambitious projects and collaborations with top creators and talent during its 2021 Japan Festival.

Throughout the two-day event, the streaming giant is expected to reveal more details on 50 new titles. The presentations on the first day will focus on animation, and the second day will focus on live action. Netflix currently has 90 Japanese titles available on its platform.

Upcoming lineup features famous filmmakers including Yoshihiro Mori (We couldn’t become adults) and Hitori Gekidan (Child of Asakusa), as well as renowned animation film studios, including Studio Colorido (A mustache away, Drifting house).

“Our next big bet is to expand feature films,” said Sakamoto Kaata, vice president of content for Netflix in Japan. “Japan is home to extraordinary talents who are shaping the world’s cinematic history. With creators as diverse as those we work with today, we’re thrilled to play a part in the story of great local talent finding their voice and delivering them to audiences all over the world.. “

Netflix has seen a growing interest in Japanese content from its users, as several titles, including The Seven capital sins, Ragnarok recording and Ruroni Kenshin: the beginning, have climbed to the Top 10 in more than 50 countries. Additionally, more than 120 million households have watched at least one anime title on the streamer, which is more than double the 2018 figure.

Netflix’s Japan Festival 2021 will take place November 9-10.

Elsewhere in entertainment, Jump Festa 2022 is expected to reveal new information about the return of the Bleach lively.

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