Netflix: adapting the fantastic “Redwall” novels to series and feature films


The transmission platform Netflix adapts’Redwallfantasy novels for children, in a movie and a television series. The announcement comes as the streamer signed a new rights agreement with publisher Penguin Random House Children’s.

Written by British writer Brian Jacques and published between 1986 and 2011, the novels have sold 30 million copies worldwide.

The series recounts the adventures of anthropomorphic animals that inhabit Redwall Abbey and the surrounding countryside of Mossflower Wood, including mice, moles, hares, badgers and other forest species.

The peaceful creatures of Mossflower are often called upon to become warriors to fend off marauding bands of “vermin” like rats, weasels and foxes.

Redwall’s novels are characterized as fantastic, but contain little magic or the supernatural other than the anthropomorphism of the animal characters.

Many figures believe that the sword of Martin the warrior is magical, and the vermin sometimes tries to steal him for this reason; Mossflower reveals that it was forged from a meteorite fragment in the volcanic fortress of Salamandastron by the Badger Lord known as Boar the Fighter.

The role of “monsters” in the novels is not played by mythical creatures, but by real world predators such as snakes, sharks and wolverines.

Patrick McHale, creator of Cartoon Network’s “Over the Garden Wall”, will write the feature film based on Jacques’ first book in the series, “Redwall.” Ben Horslen, fiction editor at Penguin Random House Children’s, said the editor was “thrilled.”

“These ever-popular stories have been etched in the hearts of millions of readers, and we are delighted to partner with Netflix to bring these beloved characters to the screen for families around the world to enjoy,” said Horslen.

Previous Netflix animated films include Oscar nominated “Klaus” and Glen Keane’s “Over the Moon”.

Richard Linklater’s “Apollo 10 1/2: A Space Age Adventure”, Nora Twomey’s “My Father’s Dragon” and Guillermo del Toro’s “Pinocchio” are all on the list of upcoming animated titles.

Unfortunately this adaptation is still in progress and there is no likely release date, be sure to stay informed, The news of the truth will bring more news about it and more entertainment topics.

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