National Geographic Documentary Films Announces New Feature Film About Dr Anthony Fauci From Emmy-Winning Directors John Hoffman And Janet Tobias, Oscar-Winning Emmy-Winning Production Team Dan Cogan And Liz Garbus, And Story Syndicate


WASHINGTON–(COMMERCIAL THREAD) – National Geographic Documentary Films today announced a new feature-length documentary on the nation’s leading infectious disease specialist and dedicated public servant, Dr.Anthony Fauci, MD, by Emmy-winner John Hoffman (“The weight of the nation, “” Sleepless in America “) and Janet Tobias (” Unseen Enemy “) and Oscar winner Dan Cogan (” Icarus “), and two-time Oscar nominee Liz Garbus (” What was past, Miss Simone ?, “” The Farm: Angola, United States “). With exclusive access, the film – simply titled FAUCI – will offer a rare glimpse into the long professional career and personal life of this ultimate American civil servant and hero, who, after a life of public service, faced his greatest test: a pandemic the ferocity of which is unmatched in the world. modern history.

Dubbed “America’s Doctor” by the New Yorker, Dr. Fauci has become America’s most unlikely cultural icon, with his signature blend of scientific acumen, candor, courage and integrity in the face of COVID-19. He was affectionately usurped by Oscar winner Brad Pitt and commemorated by Fauci fans who put his face on everything from coffee cups to candles. He is a tireless and effective communicator who has captured hearts and minds across the country and around the world for his willingness to speak the truth to power during an unprecedented pandemic. But less is known about the journey that took him to where he is today.

A world-renowned infectious disease specialist, Dr Fauci has courageously led the American fight against all the epidemics our country has faced in the past 50 years, from AIDS and SARS to Ebola and now COVID-19. The longest-serving public health leader in Washington, Dr Fauci has worked under seven presidents and is revered on both sides of the aisle. He has testified before Congress – with his signature Brooklyn accent – more than anyone in American history. Through intimate interviews, Dr Fauci will take us on a journey through his remarkable career, with a particular focus on HIV / AIDS – dark years when there was no treatment and little funding with the advent of HIV / AIDS. triple therapy, and its efforts to bring advanced drugs to sub-Saharan Africa through the development of the Presidential Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), which has saved more than 18 million lives since 2003.

But the man America has come to know and trusted over the past year was forged even earlier: during his childhood in Brooklyn working in his father’s pharmacy, by his Jesuit education. rigorous at Regis High School and Holy Cross College which instilled in him a sense of duty to others, and in the endless night shifts during his residency at New York Hospital.

The film will also feature the voices of many who influenced him and with whom he worked alongside – and for – including President George W. Bush, Bill Gates, Bono, former HHS Secretary Sylvia Burwell, former National Security Advisor Susan Rice. , NIH Director Dr Francis Collins, former CDC Director Dr Tom Frieden, leading AIDS activists and organizers, and many others including his family, friends and d ‘former patients.

“There is only one Dr Fauci, and it is an incredible privilege to bring his inspiring lifelong quest to cure disease and prevent epidemics, to viewers around the world,” said Hoffman and Tobias. “This film will be an intimate and unprecedented portrayal of our country’s greatest public servant, whose relentless pursuit of truth and devotion to science has never been greater.”

“Dr. Fauci has become a household name because of COVID-19, but what people may not realize is the heroic and integral role he played in shaping our national response to serious health crises for over 50 years, “said Carolyn Bernstein, EVP Scripted Content and Documentaries for National Geographic.” We couldn’t ask for better partners than John, Janet, Dan and Liz to bring audiences that inside look about the man behind the legacy, and we hope his remarkable story will inspire a new generation to pursue public service with the same commitment and verve. ”

The film is directed by John Hoffman and Janet Tobias, who have spent their careers telling important and compelling stories about science and public health. For the past 36 years, Hoffman has specialized in communicating to an affected audience about the disease, starting with HIV prevention, then drug addiction, Alzheimer’s disease, obesity, sleep and the role NIH in advancing medical breakthroughs. Tobias’ recent film “Unseen Enemy” warned of the threat of pandemics, which should not have gone unnoticed.

FAUCI is produced by Alexandra Moss (“Not Done: Women Remaking America”) and edited by Amy Foote (“Father, Soldier, Son”). The director of photography is Claudia Raschke (“RBG”). For Story Syndicate, the executive producers are Cogan, Garbus and Jon Bardin (“All In: The Fight for Democracy”).

National Geographic Documentary Films has previously released the film Academy Award, BAFTA and seven-time Emmy Award Free solo and the Oscar nominated film The cave. Other critically acclaimed films under the banner include Ron Howard Rebuild paradise; Sundance Audience Award Winners Science fair and Sea of ​​Shadows; Emmy Winners LA 92 and Jeanne, who were both included in the 15 best documentaries considered for an Oscar in 2017; and winner of the Dupont Prize Hell on Earth: The Fall of Syria and the Rise of ISIS.

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