MTV Documentary Films acquires SA’s award-winning film ‘My Father the Mover’


Through Entertainment reporter October 27, 2020

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Directed by Julia Jansch, “My Father The Mover,” won the award for best documentary short at the Tribeca Film Festival, an annual event in New York City.

The film is part of an exciting lineup of award-winning acquisitions of new feature films and shorts from executive producer Sheila Nevins.

They address relevant social, political and cultural topics that affect the lives and future prospects of young people today.

Commenting on the film, Nevins said: “By eliminating the magnificent film festivals with their extraordinary choices of documentary offerings, it is a gift to acquire films with heart and soul, insight and vision.”

“My Father The Mover” tells the story of Mthuthuzeli ‘Stoan’ Galela), a self-taught dancer who uses African electronic rhythms Gqom to motivate the children of Khayelitsha township.

“I met Stoan through my co-producer, Mandilakhe Yengo.

“It was a chance meeting while he was working backstage as a choreographer on a series.

“We started to chat and I asked him how long he had been a dancer. He responded by saying “I’m not a dancer, I’m a mover”.

“I was immediately intrigued,” says Jansch.

She was moved by her spirit and wanted to share her story with the world in hopes of providing a platform for her to market her work.

Jansch wanted to make the film as real and immersive as being with Stoan in the flesh, and he invited an intimate team to his home and dance class.

“This story is very important to me because Stoan’s message and methodology is one of freedom.

“And as the children in her dance group face very unique circumstances, I have found her story and her work to be universal.

“I found his way to be so moving… he is the Mover after all, and I knew his story would resonate globally,” adds Jansch.

Watch the trailer below.

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