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Pitch – Imagine an online place where all participants in a production chain could meet to make the process of anticipating receivables much more practical and secure? This place exists and is called Pitch. Much more than a marketplace for prepayment of receivables, Plock is a true Supply Chain Finance solution for buyers, their suppliers and financiers.

The platform operates in a fully digital, secure, and highly scalable environment that seeks to assist in the negotiation of payments between buyers and suppliers in a manner fully integrated with lenders. In this way, in addition to facilitating all kinds of transactions of large productive chains, it helps to document and file closed agreements. One of the great advantages is that the Punch can be integrated with any ERP, making the process even easier.

” The Pitch is a totally free marketplace for prepaid receivables. Conciliating different interests between large purchasing companies, their suppliers and investors who are interested in acquiring the securities of these suppliers, the tool is excellent in moments of crisis like the one we are facing, where the targeted credit is expensive and scarce and the companies end up resorting to anticipation of receivables such as pre-dated checks and trade notes . “

How does the anticipation of receivables in the Quartilho work?


How does the anticipation of receivables in the Quartilho work?

The solution is really uncomplicated. At the PLC platform, buyers can create their own receivables prepayment programs for their supply chain free of charge and integrated with their ERP and, from there, find funders interested in “buying” their receivables. In a nutshell, the lender pays for the supplier in advance and the buyer pays to the lender on the due date.

It all starts with the supplier who sends the invoices to the buyer. The buyer then approves the invoices he wishes and they are imported to the 100% online platform. Now, the supplier goes into the process and negotiates the discount rates. Then, the platform directs the payment to the chosen financier. The lender, in turn, makes the advance payment to the supplier. Finally, the buyer is left to pay the lender on the due date.

What are the advantages of the Pitch?

How does the anticipation of receivables in the Quartilho work?How does the anticipation of receivables in the Quartilho work?

Each group involved will have excellent advantages when using the Pitch. Check out more in the next paragraphs.

Pants for buyers

The solution allows buyers to have easy access to working capital for their suppliers. Fully integrated with the ERP of the company, the solution of the Quartilho allows the automatic importation of invoices approved for payment and the immediate confirmation of the title so that the process is more agile. Among the greatest benefits, we can mention:

  • Financial gains: preservation of working capital, improvement of balance sheet indicators, free solution without implementation or monthly payments.
  • Security: only performance notes, 100% online solution and with state-of-the-art security technology, process automation with electronic signature and sending of documents.
  • Complete and customizable solution, in addition to being fully integrated with any ERP.

Pitcher for suppliers

With the most competitive discount rates on the market, suppliers can fully anticipate their receivables online. The biggest benefits are:

  • It is possible to request the anticipation with just a few clicks and receive the money within 1 day after the request.
  • The supplier only anticipates at any time without any monthly obligation.
  • There are no surprise rates, as the Pitch is very transparent.

Pitcher For Financiers

Through the platform, lenders will have access to low-risk securities, as they will all be provided directly by large buying companies, which significantly reduces the risk of their securities portfolio. Funders’ benefits are also very attractive:

  • Complete solution: standard and unified supplier registration that avoids possible delays in sending documents via e-mail, automatic approval process of prepayments based on pre-set rules as minimum note value, control panel with volume and evolution indicators of business.
  • Legal security: electronic signature in all operations, prepayments through credit assignment operation, legal criteria based on current legislation.


How to register in the Pitch?

Buyers / Financiers : To register on the online platform as a buyer or financier, it is necessary to contact via form or send an email to [email protected] To make your registration as a buyer, funder access the website of the Quartilho on the official page.

Suppliers : To register as a supplier, you must receive an invitation from your customer (in this case, an already registered buyer), as explained on the website page. If you have not yet received the invitation, you can suggest to your buyer that you register and invite him.

The main objective of the platform is to optimize the financial flow of large productive chains, using technology to generate value among the agents of the chain, helping in the structuring of Supply Chain Finance programs . If you are a buyer or a funder, you should know the Pitch!

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