Mass Effect and KOTOR Writer denounce film adaptations

At a time when everyone is wondering what the next big live-action adaptation will be, all eyes are on the following IPs. When it comes to big game developers, Rockstar Games, Activision Blizzard, and Bethesda tend to monopolize the spotlight, but what about underrated legends like Valve, id Software, and BioWare?

BioWare has an acclaimed legacy for the Mass Effect games and chart the world of star wars with Knights of the Old Republic. While you might think they’re ready for live-action film adaptations, one of the writers isn’t impressed. So yeah, don’t expect to see Darth Malak in live-action anytime soon.

Will we see Mass Effect and KOTOR live?


Explaining during a Reddit AMA, BioWare writer Drew Karpyshyn explained how any live-action film version of Mass Effect Where Knights of the Old Republic would simply leave too much on the cutting room floor. Since the OG Mass Effect takes about 17 hours to complete the main story and KOTOR is a whopping 29 hours, packing that into the runtime of a movie would be ridiculous.

Clearly expressing his point of view, Karpyshyn explained: “I don’t want them to make a KOTOR movie. Or a Mass Effect movie. Not if those movies are just going to tell the same story as the games. He continued, “Branching narrative games tell stories in a different way than linear media like film, and we have SO much content you should cut. 80% of the story to fit into a movie.” Both games are heavily dependent on player choice to alter the story, so unless we go down the Bandersnatch road, that would be a massive departure from what made these titles special.

It’s not that Karpyshyn is completely against seeing them in live-action, but not as a simple overhaul of the games. It may not have been perfect, but Paramount Halo The series was praised for telling a unique story that wasn’t just based on the games. The Other Side, HBO The last of us The series widely sold as being a faithful adaptation with game director Neil Druckmann on board.

What’s going on with Mass Effect and KOTOR?

Ironically, at least one of those projects is progressing to live-action. A Mass Effect The series is reportedly coming to Amazon, which already caused a stir when BioWare writer David Gaider called the idea “cringe”. Still, there are plenty of people calling for Henry Cavill to be cast as Shep – with the star teasing himself as much. Seeing what Steel man star did for the witcherit is certainly a tempting prospect.

As for KOTORthere’s a lot of buzz about a third game, as well as frequent whispers about Disney’s ever-growing roster star wars the shows and movies might give us a blast from the past to bring Malak and Revan into live action. Earlier this year, we heard of a possible Old Republic trilogy, but at a time when the galaxy is in a period of flux, we’ll take it with a grain of salt. If neither of these occur, we doubt Karpyshyn is bothered.

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