Go. Gowthaman returns to directing feature films after 12 years

CHENNAI: Director Va Gowthaman, who delivered a blockbuster in the 90s with Murali-Simran’s Kanave Kalaiyaadhe (1998), returns to directing with his only third film in 24 years. He directed and starred in another hit film titled Magizhchi in 2010. Told that his filmography resembles the famous Mahamaham festival which takes place once every 12 years, he laughs and tells DT Next: “I am aware but yes in recent years times were quite hard for the people of Tamilnadu. I walked forward and raised my voice for some issues like Jallikattu and Sterlite factory only to be stopped by police. Now things are going well and I’m looking to make more movies in the next few years.

His next film, funded by VK Production, was titled Maavera with GV Prakash composing the music with lyrics by Vairamuthu. “The film talks about the roots of the Tamil people and their value. Meanwhile, the audience could also relate to the content,” he says. He recalls his TV series Sandhana Kaadu and says, “The moment GV Prakash heard the script, he was excited and composed a song called Pulikodi Engal Kodi written by Vairamuthu. I am grateful to both of you who chose to board Maaveera,” says the director.

Gowthaman also divulges the storyline a bit and says, “There were several personalities, who were hailed for their bravery and lived around forests of sandalwood, cashews and forests of trees that don’t touch me. I have already documented the sandalwood forest in my TV drama. I will cover the topics of the other two forests in my next stories,”

The filmmaker says Maaveera’s cast and crew will be made official soon.

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