Five of the best travel documentaries you should watch

Traveling all the time may not be possible, but one can still experience the travels of others. We have access to the whole world through the power of the internet and streaming services. While travel movies are often fantastical yet fictional, travel documentaries have a way of transporting the viewer. So here are five of the best travel documentaries you can watch online.

Meetings around the world

Werner Herzog, a German feature filmmaker, has produced several gripping travel documentaries, and this one from 2007 is among his best. The images of Antarctica have a supernatural aspect because director Peter Zeitlinger records fantastic species that live under the ice. Herzog also learns about the equally fascinating residents who live above.

Children of the Snow Country

Children of the Snow Country.  Credit: Wikimedia Commons
This award-winning film depicts young people on an arduous and moving journey to their ancestral homes in the mountainous regions of the Himalayas. After being sent to school in Kathmandu as children, they spend more than ten years separated from their parents, who live humbly in breathtaking surroundings.

Tawai: a voice from the forest

Tawai: A voice from the forest.  Credit:
Using the travel images of explorer Bruce Parry, learn about the tribes of Borneo and the Amazon. Parry focuses on hunter-gatherers to learn about their way of life and consults with specialists on issues. Although it raises more questions than answers, gaining knowledge about our environment seems more relevant than ever.

The salt of the earth

The salt of the earth.  Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Brazilian photojournalist Sebastio Salgado has spent 40 years photographing people in lesser-known parts of South America, Africa and Central Europe. And the results are captivating. In this 2014 Oscar-nominated documentary, Salgado talks about his life and work while telling the stories behind his stills showcasing breathtaking nature images. While it’s not always an enjoyable watch because of the way it depicts agony and suffering, it’s wonderfully rewarding.

March of the Penguins

March of the Penguins.  Credit: Wikimedia Commons
With the onslaught of winter, it’s the perfect time to see this adorable classic Antarctica shot. Emperor penguins traverse beautiful but dangerous snowy landscapes on an annual journey for mating season, as Morgan Freeman recounts in this documentary.

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