feature films so failed that they were withdrawn from theaters

Bad movies, so bad, of not having retained a whole projection window in the rooms. Considering the effort and work involved in a movie’s release, it almost seems unbelievable, but there have been titles where a sad retirement seemed the cheapest or most advantageous option in terms of money. picture. It didn’t just happen to obscure films b-movie, but also to the best of Hollywood: don’t forget Lilies, the movie that got me Bennifer? It lasted three weeks in theaters and lost tens and tens of millions of dollars. He also fell into the net Johnny Depp, as talented as not always focused on career choices: Mortdecai, withdrawn after 4 weeks, is the most striking example. What about the film “autobiography” by Mariah carey: Shine a colossal flop both at the box office and the critics, which left no way out for the famous singer. In our gallery you can find 10 bad and failed films, enough to be taken out of theaters.


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