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Often times when a show ends, it goes on to big TV beyond reruns or DVD releases. Some may find a new one. However, there are a lucky few who get the big screen treatment and get a feature film. Or, like Avatar: The Last Airbender, they get a horribly bad feature film, thank you very much M. Night Shyamalan. While some movie adaptations aren’t always gems, there are a number with great qualities. For a TV junkie like me, I would have loved to see a lot of shows that only lasted one or two seasons with big promises, getting a movie to close all the storylines they left open. Most people who know me would easily expect to see this list inundated with Pokemon movies. However, there are a lot of other films that I want to pass on to the world. Also, for this list, I’m going to focus on feature films developed from TV shows. Movies that were directly on DVD (one of the Futurama movies) or those who debuted as a TV movie (Dead like me: life after death). Without further ado, on the list.

Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie

When it debuted in 1992, Absolutely fabulous was a landmark in comedy. 24 years later, series co-creator Jennifer Saunders wrote a movie that celebrates everything about the series. The film sees Edina Monsoon and Patsy Stone flee the law after Edina is accused of killing Kate Moss. The movie looks a bit like the end of Seinfeld in that it’s a believable plot but more like an attempt to bring in all of the characters who made Absolutely fabulous so funny. This film is a testament to Jennifer Saunders’ writing skills. She’s managed to make one laugh as much as a single season of the show and keep the character’s personality consistent with that of the show. Much like the other movies on this list, it stays true to the series, but unlike others on this list, humor never goes out of style.

Instead of tackling the London fashion scene, the hip heroines decide to run away with Edina Lola’s granddaughter, mainly because Edina has reached her credit limit in the south of France. It is later revealed that her secretary Bubble overpaid herself for years, enough to afford a lavish estate in Monte Carlo. Patsy and Edina are ultimately saved when Kate Moss is found alive and decides to make Edina her new PR representative. Considering that many episodes went above and beyond what some comedies would, the film manages to stay at that level. Additionally, we see a modestly happy Saffron, played by Julia Sawalha, who has a new beau in a cop looking for his mother. Being just as exaggerated as the series, Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie never miss a beat.

The naked weapons series

The naked weapon movie poster

After becoming a comedy star from his appearance in the 1980 satirical comedy Airplane!, The only natural solution was for Leslie Nielsen to hit the small screen. In a case of both fortune and unfortunate circumstances, the spectacle, Police squad! was canceled after only six episodes. At the time of its debut, Police squad was one of many prank shows to debut in the mid-1980s that flopped after a few episodes. The show would return as the legendary three-part film series, The naked gun. As the series only lasted six episodes, there wasn’t much to be faithful to other than the style of comedy. Leslie Nielsen’s Lt. Frank Drebin was the wacky hero who always captures the villain even though his partner Norberg, played by OJ Simpson, had to be hilarious although brutally hurt in every movie. All three movies were amazing, which a lot of movie series can’t tell, but as the crazy people called each other, the more these movies got better.

Sex and the city 1 and 2

Sex and the city 1 and 2Loyalty to this show was on the rise when the first film was released. Sex and the city: the movie Finally shows Mr. Big and Carrie getting married after six years of watching their relationship only for him to tell her she was the right one. However, true to his ways, Big leaves Carrie at the altar, which comes as a shock to many. Things aren’t much better with his friends. Miranda finds out that Steve cheated on her and Samantha is unsure of her love for Smith. Watching this movie is equivalent to an entire season of the series due to both the length of the movie and the many storylines that stretch over the course of the year. It became a shining example of a good romantic comedy movie and it was a great way to wrap up the franchise. Then came the rest.

Now there are three suites on this list that are amazing. It is not one of them. As much as the plot of Steve cheating on Miranda in the first movie is amazing, Sex and the city 2 had very little to offer the franchise but the campy comedy remains stable. I’ll fully admit that I liked this movie for its comedic consistency with the series and the first movie, but the plot is no reason to watch this movie. Sex and the city 2 sees the Fab Four travel to Abu Dhabi after Samantha gets the chance to turn her business into an international one. Meanwhile, in New York City, Carrie tries to keep her marriage to Mr. Big from being boring, Charlotte is nervous that Harry is cheating on her with her bra-less nanny, and Miranda is out of a job after realizing her boss is a colossal asshole.

While it was great to see a much less cynical Miranda, it was hard to see Carrie getting so angry with her husband for not going out every night and living the lifestyle she had during the show. It’s also a little unbelievable that Aidan, played by John Corbet, is also in Abu Dhabi by coincidence. Like I said, the jokes and the loyalty to the series are the reason you watch the sequel. There is still a love-hate relationship between me and Sex and the city but he holds a special place in my heart.

Are you Being Served?

Are you served movie posterWhat would you do when your workplace is going to be redecorated for a few weeks. If you said you would be traveling to a discount hotel in Spain, you must be working at the Grace Brothers department store. In the film adaptation of Are you Being Served?, store staff are taken to Spain at company expense. While the film is a great film adaptation of the series, it doesn’t lift a single original plot once the characters arrive in Spain. It’s reminiscent of many storylines from the show’s first season. In the new atmosphere, it’s a laughing matter as the show’s department store setting serves as a minor limitation. Once in Spain, the group of Grace Brother employees find themselves in hilarious situations brought on not only by their plans for a great vacation, but also by a political protest that is disrupting the region. The dialogues of this film are imbued with as many innuendos as the series, and the physical comedy is doing very well. It’s also nice to think that this was the last time the original cast would be together as Arthur Brough, who played Mr. Granger, won’t be returning for the fifth season. Are you Being Served?, could have worked as efficiently as a TV movie, but having that movie, anyway, is amazing.

The Addams Family and the Addams Family Values

The Addams Family Movie PosterAs creepy, wacky, and utterly creepy as the original Addams Family was nothing compared to their 1990s cinematic counterparts. Starring Raul Julia and Angelica Huston as Gomez and Morticia Addams, this adaptation of the classic sitcom has been around ever since. became a classic of the 1990s. The film was able to develop on them a macabre love between Gomez and Morticia, making it go from romance to wild and searing passion. It also advanced on the family dynamics of the Addams family, including what they would do for each other. In the first film, members of the Addams family find themselves victims of a get-rich-off scam by their lawyer Tully.

He tries to convince them that the son of a loan shark he owes money to is in fact Gomez’s brother, Fester, played by an adorably strange Christopher Lloyd. The film ends with the revelation that the loan shark’s son was the real Fester who had amnesia. The film transforms the Hammy ’60s sitcom family into a gradually effervescent family. Additionally, this movie gave us Christina Ricci as Wednesday Addams who shines throughout this movie but stands out from the rest in the sequel. Addams Family Values. When serial killer Debbie Jilinsky comes to the Addams house to work as a nanny after Morticia gives birth to a third child, a boy named Pubert. However, Debbie is actually a serial killer who marries rich men and kills them when she can’t get her way. She meets her partner in the seemingly immortal fester. She manages to separate the Addams family after sending Pugsley and Wednesday to summer camp. She drives Fester away in a large mansion and cuts off all contact until she kills him.

While the sequel never had as many reviews as the first film, it did manage to mix the style of the campy sitcom with the dark humor of the original film. To say the least, it’s not the worst thing to come from the Addams Family franchise, and certainly not the worst movie to adapt from the movie. The movies are great at showing that despite their unusual lives, the Addams family have a strong bond that can never truly be severed.

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