Fans want these 10 movie adaptations to be TV shows instead


There is a lot of money to be made by adapting books into films, and while it has certainly been a financial success, that doesn’t mean fans have always preferred these films. Instead, the growing audience of the TV landscape, thanks to services like Netflix, sparked the idea that translating these books to the small screen would be a better option.

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In a survey conducted by Super Summary, the results revealed which franchises people wanted to have TV adaptations rather than being filmed. These were backed up by a number of facts and figures, and we’ll explain why these 10 movie adaptations would work better as a series and why people want them in such a medium, based on those numbers.

ten Notebook


We already discussed how the movie was better than the book where Notebook was concerned, but it appears the majority vote tilts in favor of readers who rather want this to be a full-fledged series.

It wouldn’t be the worst thing because Notebook is an epic that unfolds over several decades. With such a long time frame to cover, it would take multiple episodes that would tell the story appropriately without having to sacrifice character arcs to fit the length of the film.

9 Forrest Gump

The funny thing is that hardly anyone knows that Forrest Gump was based on a book at all. The study concluded just as well, with just over 5% of the survey acknowledging this fact. Regardless, those who watched the movie always seem to prefer a series.

As was the case for the previous point, it is the progression of time that would be well detailed that makes Forrest GumpThe TV version of is a more appealing prospect. After all, who wouldn’t be moved by the events of the film after watching them for a long time?

8 Chronicles of Narnia series

Chronicles of Narnia

While Chronicles of Narnia tells a story that spans thousands of years in the land of Narnia, just watching it unfold is probably not the reason for wanting this to be a series. Instead, it’s the fact that the film series has been discontinued that fans want it to appear on TV.

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The best bet would be to have it appear on a streaming service like Netflix, where each novel can be delivered as part of a season before reaching the eventual conclusion. So we could have dozens of important characters and subplots on our screens.

7 The dark tower

With the lack of critical success for The dark towerin the film version of we are not surprised that the survey reflects a lack of enthusiasm for this feature film. Obviously, adapting the horror and action elements of the novel in a limited time frame was too much of a task.

Public perception is most likely that a TV series would rule out this story having to follow in Stephen King’s This live action movies, and can be its own thing. Since television is already featuring so many stars these days, we won’t even have to say goodbye to leading roles in favor of other actors.

6 Jurassic Park Series

We will admit that we are somewhat surprised to find the jurassic park series to make this list because the movie franchise has done a great job of keeping these dinosaurs interesting and relevant. However, given the Jurassic World series deviating far enough from the source material, fans probably want a faithful adaptation.

5 The Twilight Saga

This one is obvious to understand why fans want him on the small screen. Although the perception of films improved over the years, they were still hardly comparable to books. A common criticism was how the movies leaned on CGI deception rather than story.

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Because of this, we see how the numbers reflect a penchant for the TV channel, as fans undoubtedly want a friendlier version of Bella. The way to do that would be to use the slower pace of a TV series to give us some insight into its characterization.

4 The Hobbit

Although only 13.4% of those surveyed expressed their dislike of screen adaptations because they didn’t include the small details, we can be sure that a majority of people in this group are The Hobbit Fans. This book was turned into an average trilogy, a series that lacked heart in its execution.

Having a TV series would allow for the many little things the book is known for, especially the moments of camaraderie between Bilbo and his friends that the films lacked.

3 The Hunger Games series

There weren’t a lot of negatives in the first two Hunger games movies, but perhaps the lackluster film versions of the final novel might be what prompted respondents to prefer a TV adaptation. Given that almost 42% preferred books to movies, this is the most likely hypothesis.

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For one thing, the love affair between Katniss and Peeta in the last book would play out better, seeing as the movies hovered over it. Meanwhile, Gale might also have more of a personality rather than just being known as Katniss’ friend.

2 The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

Up to 82% of those polled on this topic agreed that screen adaptations brought the content of books to life, and we’re inclined to believe these are the people who voted. The Lord of the Rings so strongly to be turned into a TV show.

Considering the film trilogy has been unanimously praised by fans and critics alike, chances are these viewers will want more content to consume with a series. The books are huge, which means we might have dozens of seasons on our hands.

1 Harry Potter Series

Finally, we have everyone’s favorite wizard at the top of this list, and sure enough fans want this to be a TV show because we’d have all of Hogwarts to see. Discarded storylines like Hermione as the frontman of SPEW or Ginny’s fiery personality would be a treat for fans to watch unfold.

There’s also the fact that the last generation was too young to watch movies in theaters, and with streaming services being all the rage, having the Harry potter a series with most of the subplots intact would be a win-win. It could also go a long way in accommodating the number of changes JK Rowling has made since the movies ended.

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