Documentaries and historical films on Kazakhstan to debut on major TV channels


ASTANA – Documentary films on the history and culture of Kazakhstan will be premiered on Discovery, National Geographic and Viasat History television channels in June-July, Kazakhstan’s Deputy Minister of Culture and Sports announced. Aktoty Raimkulova at a press conference on June 13 in Astana.

Deputy Minister of Culture and Sports Aktoty Raimkulova.

“To date, a series of documentary films has been produced to be shown on major TV channels with an audience of over 700 million people,” Raimkulova said.

The list of films includes “The Sacred Geography of Kazakhstan”, “The Golden Warrior”, “The Mausoleums of Ahmed Yassawi and Aisha Bibi” and “Kül Tigin: A New Look” produced with the BBC World News channel. . The famous American actor Mark Dacascos has joined the production of the film “Land of Nomads”.

The films will be released with subtitles and dubbed in the six official languages ​​of the United Nations (UN).

“The documentary film ‘Golden Warrior’ premiered on the BBC in 2017. The new films will promote the country on the world stage and bring Kazakh culture to the world,” she said.

The first stage of the Sacred Kazakhstan project has also been officially completed. The books “Sacred Places of National Importance”, “Regional Sacred Places of Kazakhstan” and the First Volume of the Sacred Encyclopedia of Kazakhstan in Kazakh and Russian have been published. Thirty videos on regional sacred sites to be promoted in social networks were produced.

The Bozok, Botai and Saraishyk State Museum Reserves were also created to develop the cultural and tourist hub in the northern and western regions of Kazakhstan and in the capital. Scientific and restoration work was completed on 25 historic monuments in 2017.

Azret Sultan State Historical and Cultural Museum.

Azret Sultan State Historical and Cultural Museum.

The interactive online map with detailed descriptions and 3D tours has also been launched, the official noted.

The digitization of books and historical documents is in progress. National library databases will be unified and available on the e-Culture web portal. It will also include 3D platforms, tour guides and excursions to cultural attractions.

Visitors’ centers should open in the regions. The project’s mission is to preserve unique cultural monuments, increase competitiveness to attract tourists and provide favorable conditions for scientific, archaeological and educational programs. The first centers will be launched in the museum-reserves of Ulytau, Otrar and Tanbaly.

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