Disney boss discusses theater vs streaming strategy for feature films


Disney CEO Bob Chapek discusses factors the company will use to determine its future streaming strategies versus cinema for feature films

Disney CEO Bob Chapek has championed the company’s decision to release Black Widow this summer in theaters as well as on Disney + as a Premier Access title, while also explaining what factors will determine such decisions going forward.

by marvel Black Widow hits theaters on July 9, but it will also be available to Disney + subscribers for an additional fee of $ 30. Disney took the same approach with Raya and the last dragon in March and with Mulan Last year.

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Chapek discussed the many different areas that need to be factored into decisions like this, noting, “There are a whole bunch of data points that we need to assimilate to make these decisions. The first consideration is whether this is a big tent theatrical franchise? If so, something like a Marvel movie or a Lucas movie, something that’s going to have legs, plays into a larger mythology.

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However, at the same time, Chapek acknowledged that the delays on Black Widow (which was originally slated for release in May 2020) was also instrumental in their decisions, noting “We’ve already delayed Black Widow a few times, we didn’t want to delay it again. Yet at the same time, we have always known that there is a risk that the exhibition will not be fully developed or that consumers will not want to return to sit in theaters. So we realized we had to kind of prime the pump and give the theatrical show a chance. We couldn’t put all of our eggs in the theatrical show basket because we knew that in the weeks leading up to the decision, the domestic market would not return. And it’s still pretty low. So we are very confident that we made the right decision there.

Chapek also hit back at criticism of the films debuting only on Disney +, explaining that the companies’ decisions are aimed at “ensuring all channels have a full range of offerings to keep everyone happy.” But nowhere is this more the case than for Disney + “, and he added that the release of Soul on Disney + was a big boost for the streaming service.

Still, Chapek assured everyone that theatrical releases are still an important part of Disney’s plans for the future and that that won’t change any time soon, even with a pandemic effectively ruining an entire year of theatrical releases. (and still having an effect on the market today).

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