Daw winners conclude production of four feature films in Saudi Arabia

Daw Film Competition, an initiative of the Saudi Film Commission, aims to support and empower emerging Saudi film talent and grow the Kingdom’s booming film industry.

The Saudi Film Commission (SFC) has announced that four winning feature film projects from its Daw film competition have completed production.

The Daw Film Competition, launched in 2019 by the Saudi Film Commission, aims to support and empower emerging Saudi film talent and grow the Kingdom’s booming film industry.

Movies – In the sand, written and directed by Moe Alatawi; crow song, realized by Mohammad Alsalman; Norah, written and directed by Tawfik Alzaidi; and Derat Ajdadi, directed by Danya Alhmrani – filming wrapped in August.

Abdullah Al-Eyaf, CEO of the Saudi Film Commission, said, “We launched the Daw Film Competition to discover new local talent and enable creative storytelling. Talent development is of strategic importance to our industry and is essential to achieving our goals. The competition aims to share authentic Saudi stories and films with the rest of the world, helping us to create a thriving film industry in Saudi Arabia. We are proud of these four filmmakers and look forward to creating more quality productions in the future.

The historical drama In the sand, which marks Moe Alatawi’s directorial debut, is inspired by the true story of a 23-year-old tobacconist who is ambushed by robbers in the desert, leaving him with only a dagger. Demonstrating the Kingdom’s local film production capabilities, the film features an all-Saudi cast with 70% of the film crew originally from Saudi Arabia.

The film, slated for release later this year, is produced by Reem Alatawi and Riyadh-based Alsarid Films, and is the first local production to shoot in the unique landscapes of NEOM.

norawritten and directed by Tawfik Alzaidi, is produced by Black Sugar Pictures and Nebras Films in partnership with established producers Paul Miller and Sharif Majali. Set in Saudi Arabia in the 90s, the film follows a relationship of artistic discovery between a young woman and a local artist. Tawfik’s directorial debut was shot in the extraordinary destination of AlUla, an area of ​​outstanding natural and cultural significance featuring some of the most spectacular scenery in the world. The all-Saudi cast features popular talent Yagoub Alfarhan and marks the first film role for 16-year-old Maria Bahrawi.

Mohamed Alsalman’s film crow song is a comedy film shot in the capital Riyadh and produced by Ahmed Mousa and Telfaz 11. The film follows the main character Nasar, who does not feel supported and encouraged by his father, and his infatuation with a beautiful mysterious girl at the hotel in which he works. Confiding in his charismatic, bossy, and headstrong best friend Abu Sagr, he convinces Nasar that the best way to win her heart is to write a song for her.

Derat Ajdadi is a poignant documentary, centered on the journey of life with an intellectual disability, directed by Danya Alhmrani and produced by Dania Nassif. Shot in Jeddah, the film portrays six mentally handicapped Saudis and follows them for a year in their lives. Their personal journeys are woven from interviews with their families, as they discuss the fears, joys and triumphs of living with a loved one with an intellectual disability. The film takes this opportunity to shine a light on the stories of this underrepresented segment of society.

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