Books to Learn About Personal Finance


Have you read any books to learn about personal finance ? Anyone must agree that it is impossible to live today without needing money. He pays the bills, the food, the clothes and let’s face it, he also brings a lot of headaches especially to those who have little or no. But, did you know that learning more about finance can completely change your relationship with your money? Yes it’s true. To help you in this search for financial knowledge we have some great book pointers to help you with this quest.


Know more about finance


Know more about finance

By knowing more about finance you can better plan your financial life and achieve goals that today seem impossible. I know it may seem difficult, but it all starts with the simple attitude of recognizing that you can improve, this is the first step for you to succeed at anything.

Let’s talk about some books that bring, in a clear and objective, some guidelines that if followed exactly can change your view on money.

The first book I want to talk about is Rich Dad Poor Dad, author Robert Kiyosaki. This book has as main message the influence that a greater knowledge on the financial area has on solving most of the problems of our day to day, and preaches the importance of dividing the knowledge one has about finances with the children from small, because “school does not teach how to make money”. He also states that each individual is responsible for building their financial stability, and that this is a reflection of their efforts and attitude.

For couples, I recommend the book Smart Couples Enrich Together , by author Gustavo Cerbasi. It is a clear language book, and it proposes practices for the couple to plan the financial life at home phase of the relationship, from dating, marriage, childbirth and retirement.

He indicated that the couple read the book together, discussing each chapter and putting into practice the tips that the author suggests, is a great way to ensure the financial health of the couple and stimulate this type of conversation right now in the family.

The book Separate a Verba para Se Feliz , by author Mauro Calil is a fun reading, easy to assimilate, and suggests a different approach to how to see money. Mauro Calil presents in the book his FAST method of enrichment: Making Money, Foreing, Saving Money (of Futile Spending) and Turbinating the Earnings. He preaches that the most important thing is to identify what you like to do, and from that knowledge draw the goals to achieve all your goals without giving up your true happiness.

In How to Move from Debtor to Investor , author Samy Dana uses the example of a real-life couple to show how they managed to pay off all their debts and still invest good money with a fixed monthly income. The focus of the book is the organization to achieve the goals, and can serve as a guide for you to achieve your goals as well. I hope you have enjoyed the tips, good reading to everyone!

Now that you already know that you can learn about finances with these books is waiting what to read them.

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