5 sci-fi novels that deserve movie adaptations (& 5 that deserve better)


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Science fiction, like fantasy, often has a bad reputation in literary circles. Many people who don’t actively engage in the genre (read: pompous, arrogant idiots) are quick to view it as silly, above the most popular stories for little kids – and big kids who haven’t. not bother to grow up.

And hey, who hasn’t been the victim of this prejudice in the past? Maybe, for example, you decided to take a James Joyce class in college instead of the sci-fi class with your best mate because you wanted to look smart and have regretted it ever since. .. for example, a totally random example.

Science fiction has had a rocky road in the old movie department as well. Sure, you get classic adaptations like A Scanner Darkly or Stalker, but for every Blade Runner you get a dozen Dunes, and to say it’s sad because, really, David Lynch adapting Dune should have been a hit. circuit. But, as you all should know by now, Dune has another chance to live on the big screen, and so far it looks pretty promising.

So here’s a little list of sci-fi novels that we all deserve to see on screen someday – and a few that, for god’s sake, deserve so much better than they have.

First of all, let’s start with those that deserve adaptations …

5 science fiction novels that deserve film adaptations …

5. The Space Merchants – Frederick Pohl and CM Kornbluth

Space merchants

Space merchants are nuts. Absolutely surprisingly off the wall, brazenly and shamelessly bonkers. Not only that, but it’s also underrated and under-read by the mainstream, despite selling pretty well in sci-fi circles and winning the coveted title of “Classic”. cult ”.

Imagine, if you will, a horribly crowded planet. Where all conventional governments have been entirely replaced by gigantic corporations making all the decisions and where the most common – and most lucrative – profession is advertising and marketing, in fact it’s pretty much the only profession. to find. Imagine that, eh ?! Ridiculous! That would … totally never happen.

Our protagonist Mitch works in advertising as a copywriter and at the offset of the novel he lands what he thinks is an absolute killer gig … the focus is on the killer. The novel is full of mystery, intrigue, backstabbing and corporate espionage. Besides, it’s funny as hell. Oh, and there’s a psychotic hitman, too.

What’s not to like? The Space Merchants is a story for the ages, and a story that is so uncomfortably close to the bone when you consider the way our world looks.

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