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Shakespeare is widely recognized as one of the greatest English-language writers of all time. His beautiful language, portrayals of human nature, and mastery of writing dirty jokes have earned him an iconic place in the literary canon. So it seems a natural consequence that artists want to translate Shakespeare’s works into other mediums, including artwork, novelizations, and a seemingly endless number of screen adaptations.

But which of these adaptations is most successful in bringing Shakespeare’s genius to a wider audience? How do the films compare to the original texts of the bard themselves? In honor of the anniversary of Shakespeare’s death on April 23, 1616, Stacker sought to answer these questions by compiling the 25 best film adaptations of Shakespeare. The films were taken from Shakespeare’s writing credits on IMDb, filtered only into feature film adaptations (no filmed stage productions). Films had to have at least 1,000 votes and an IMDb user rating of 7.0 to be considered. Data is updated in April 2022.

From a contemporary adaptation that earned Denzel Washington an Oscar nomination to a ’60s image that hasn’t been available at home for nearly 50 years, read on to see which Shakespeare film adaptations have made the cut. chopped off.

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