12 feature films to enter the Aswan International Film Festival International Feature Film Competition

The Aswan International Women’s Film Festival has announced the list of films participating in the Egyptian Film Competition during its sixth edition which will be held from February 23 to 28.

The first film is “Kamar 14” (Full Moon) which was released in Egyptian cinemas on January 12.

The film highlights five love stories. As radio presenter Mourad follows stories on social media, he comes across stories of Dr Alia, being prosecuted after being accused of having an affair with an assistant professor, and Mariam and Ibrahim who are separated by religion, among others.

These love stories draw Mourad’s attention to the full moon, which is supposed to destroy love.

The film houses a notable group of stars such as Khaled El Nabawy, Shereen Reda, Ghada Adel, Ahmad Al Fishawy, Ahmed Hatem, Asmaa Abulyazeid, Yasmine Raies, Ahmed Malek, Khaled Anwar, May El Gheity among others.

Full Moon is written by Mahmoud Zahran and directed by Hady el Baghoury.

The second film is “Abu Saddam”. The film revolves around experienced old truck driver “Abu Saddam” who gets a transport assignment on the north coast road after being out of work for years.

He decides that he wants to complete his mission perfectly to complete his work reputation, but he faces a small situation on the road and things spiral out of control.

The film with Mohamed Mamdouh, Ahmed Dash among others. “Abu Saddam” is directed by Nadine Khan.

The third is the Egyptian documentary “El Awda” (Back Home). directed by Sara El Shazli. “Back Home” showed clips of Sara’s return to Egypt after spending 10 years abroad. It starts with her arriving at the airport and taking a car home. It ends with her knocking on the door, where the film begins with her coming home.

Sara’s father is nearly 80 years old and full of life. When Sara’s plans are upended due to the global pandemic, she finds herself stuck in her childhood home with her parents after living abroad for ten years. As they spend months together in confinement, Sara feels the need to film the precious moments spent with her father.

For the first time, Sara’s return to Egypt seems right.

An almost improvised and unplanned project, the film traces a homecoming of sorts for Shazli, as she documents her struggle with the COVID-19 pandemic that forced her to return to live with her parents after living away from home. them for a decade.

Shazli’s documentary is an intimate portrait of her relationship with her father, and although they are forced to spend so much time together, the escalation brings to light a new understanding of her relationship with him.

The fourth film is “Wish Al Qafs” directed by Dina Abdel Salam, written by Dina Abdel Salam and Ashraf Mahdi. The film with Ashraf Mahdi, Amin Hegazy, Amina Al Zoghbi, Onsi Al Jundi.

The events revolve around a group of people working for a jam-making company in Alexandria who are going through financial crises, and their fates are intertwined and complicated.

The jury of the Egyptian film competition is chaired by renowned author, writer and journalist Ibrahim Eissa.

Eissa’s first film experience was writing “Mawlana” (The Preacher). His second film is “El Deif” (The Guest) in 2018. His third film “Saheb el Makam” was the first Egyptian film to be released exclusively on an electronic platform. and was a huge success.

Egyptian star Dalia El Behairy and cinematographer Kamal Abdel Aziz will serve as jury members for the Egyptian film competition.

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