10 Worst Video Game Movie Adaptations Ranked: From Resident Evil To Sonic the Hedgehog | The independent


Since the dawn of cinema, filmmakers have turned to other mediums for inspiration.

Old classics like Great expectations, to more recent gems like There is no country for old people, the twentieth and twenty-first centuries gave rise to many incredible literary and theatrical adaptations. However, when movie studios decide to bring acclaimed video games to life on the big screen, the results are usually much less successful.

While there have only been a few video game adaptations that are considered successful – for the prospect, 2019 Detective Pikachu so far sits at the very top of the critical spectrum – there are countless examples of game adaptations gone wrong, kid-focused fare like Sonic the hedgehog, with a gravelly and violent schlock such as resident Evil franchise.

Even though a lot of them feature high budgets and top performers, there is something about video games that doesn’t translate into the movies, time and time again.

Here are 10 of the worst video game movie adaptations of all time, ranked from bad to very, very bad.

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