10 terribly frustrating novel movie adaptations that really should have been good


Usually book fans are excited to hear when their favorite novel is about to hit the big screen. Their beloved story receives visuals and sounds that stay with audiences forever after seeing it come to life. But also, the incarnation of the characters by well-known or aspiring actors is a huge thing to look forward to. How fans couldn’t fall in love with Jennifer Lawrence yet, as she defied the cast’s expectations and portrayed one of the most compelling characters in the dystopian set of The hunger Games, Katniss Everdeen?

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Sometimes, however, die-hard fans of a particular novel are easily disappointed when their favorite story is adapted into a live-action movie, to fail the original book and do the author’s vision a disservice. It’s considered an insult to see such incredible characters being portrayed as mere masks on otherwise indifferent faces, with CGI effects taken to extremes to look like weird moving 3D images, and most importantly, the plot being redirected in another direction. These are all facets of what happened to several adaptations of film novels.

ten An unforgettable walk

Overall, this movie is so adorable. Mandy Moore and Shane West gave such compelling and moving performances for their two characters. The chemistry the co-stars shared emanated from their little moments of laughter and pain, but most of all seeing the initially rude Landon finally say “I love you” to Jamie.

Unfortunately, when you compare the film to the original screenplay, the film does not do it justice. The modernization of the film ultimately ruins its romantic essence. While fans enjoy the sweet moments between the cute couple, they also consider it very cheesy, even cringe-worthy due to its traditional 1950s nature. While the film had contained more modern dialogue and aspects, or perhaps simply stuck to the twentieth century setting, he would have given a strong nod to Nicholas Sparks’ novel.

9 If i stay

It is not the fault of the brilliant and dedicated Chloe Grace Moretz, why this film is considered a “thumbs down”. While the film has mostly stayed true to Gayle Forman’s original novel, the film doesn’t give the story the visual magic fans were looking for.

The film, unfortunately, gives the impression that the story is being told to viewers, instead of immersing them in it. Mia faces serious losses if she chooses to wake up as she just lost her family in the car accident. If the movie had focused on more details about Mia’s out-of-body experience, rather than her memories with Adam, then maybe the movie could have been stronger and not such a frustrating and boring experience. Overall, however, the film made an effort to stay true to the story of the novel.

8 The time machine

HG Wells’ 1895 story, “The Time Machine,” was certainly ahead of its time, and that’s why a film adaptation should have given its original plot the justice it deserved.

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The 2002 film adaptation should have focused more on the details of the different time periods that the character, Alexander, is going through. Instead, the film fine-tuned the screenplay for the first 1960 film adaptation and sharpened the romance between the protagonist and Mara. It’s understandable that the romantic drama captivates audiences, but the film could have been far more compelling if it had focused on more of the scientific detail contained in the novel. Ultimately, the film’s special effects wowed audiences, but the sight of the evil species “Morlock” was and still is not favored.

7 Gatsby the magnificent

Many Leonardo Dicaprio fans won’t be happy with this, but there’s a reason this movie is hated by some people. Dicaprio and Tobey Maguire’s strong acting chops aren’t highlighted in the film due to his tacky fixation on “Roarin ’20s” imagery.

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel is full of many thematic elements, where it is easy to imagine the world of the novel with a lot of bright colors and strong emotions. But the film creates an annoying and sappy atmosphere. If the film had focused more on Nick Carroway’s emotions, it would have been a more immersive experience.

6 Divergent films

Perhaps this is because of when books and movies first became popular, but overall the movies weren’t of high quality which led to their final downfall. The latest installation of Lightening didn’t even hit theaters because the films were so poorly received.

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Shailene Woodley’s powerful emotions give viewers a more accessible Tris, but the lack of build-up between Tris and Four ruined the first film. As for the other movies, other characters besides Tris look and sound like they’re not really human, they’re just caricatures. Even the impressive Kate Winslet looks boring and not as intimidating as Veronica Roth’s novel intended.

5 Twilight Movies

dusk is in the middle here because of how the movies have really tried to stick with the novels or spice them up for the sake of watching. Overall though, viewers looked down on the poor performance of some of the actors, although they have all now gone on to wonderful and incredible careers today.

As the intense connection between Edward and Bella is addressed, it takes some time for the characters to seem remotely believable onscreen. Some viewers think they lose energy trying so hard to connect with the characters.

4 The donor

With an all-star cast including Meryl Streep and Jeff Bridges, viewers expected a little more from a truly exhilarating adaptation. The story of the novel is closely followed by the film, but the real fear factor isn’t there.

Fans of Lois Lowry’s novel have already seen the film’s minor but hard-hitting flaws, including the age change of the main characters. A 12-year-old boy is now an older teenager, with the actor looking to be in his late teens to early 20s. The idea of ​​this dystopian society being a big lie doesn’t sound as scary as she reads it in the novel. The color aspect of the film is well done, but the general fear of this civilization is not conveyed forcefully.

3 The scarlet letter

Could it be more obvious? This film adaptation is still considered so terrible that even the protagonist of Easy doesn’t care in a scene.

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This movie turned Nathaniel Hawthorne’s novel into a poor, sexy and passionate film attempt. His Hollywood essence has ruined the naturally strong acting skills of his actors, including Demi Moore. If the film hadn’t tried to add so many action-packed dramas to it, it might have been able to convey the psychological effect of the original story on Hester Prynne and his daughter. Instead, the production seems to have been so keen on capturing viewers that they added all of those unnecessary action scenes.

2 The series after

Josephine Langford deserved a much better role for her career. The details of Anna Todd’s story are partially followed by the films, but it’s easy to laugh at the cringe-worthy emotions of Hardin in the films.

While the script focuses on the protagonist having a tumultuous relationship in college, the films only create an unpleasant image of the series of novels. Many readers of the books found the films absolutely terrible because they skipped over important details. Fans of the books felt they were watching a production that didn’t even follow the books in terms of emotional captivation and viewed most of the characters as lifeless portraits.

1 Fifty shades of Grey

EL James’s books could have had a captivating on-screen experience, but alas, they didn’t. Fans of the books and all movie viewers felt that some of the actors’ performances were expressionless, or mostly lifeless.

Original fans also felt that this movie’s R rating was actually inaccurate, as they felt like they were watching a pathetic PG-13 rating with nudity. Some even claim that the BDSM element is completely misleading. Various viewers won’t agree, but mostly they saw the flaws in the film series, which were the emotionless and boring facial expressions.

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