10 Promising New Directors With Only Two Feature Films

One of the most anticipated releases of 2022 is Nope, directed by Jordan Peele and in theaters at the end of July. With only two feature films released so far, Peele has managed to establish himself as one of the most creative figures in the film industry, especially when it comes to horror.

As a filmmaker, everyone needs to start somewhere, and in some cases, directors not only manage to develop a smash debut, but also deliver an equally compelling sequel, establishing promising careers and distinguished status. Here are 10 names that showcase impressive talent with just two feature films to date.


ten Gia Coppola

Needless to say, the Coppola family are among the most talented and important figures in the film industry. With eminent names such as Francis Ford Coppola, Sofia Coppola and Nicolas Cage, the promising Gia Coppola shows that she is also one of a kind with her two particularly shocking intimate films.

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Gia’s first movie Palo Alto is an emotional coming-of-age drama that focuses on different teenagers facing their own struggles in an unsettling and melancholic atmosphere. Main stream came out during the pandemic and played Andrew Garfield in a chaotic and vibrant self-centered show. His next film will be, surprisingly, a documentary about fandom hysteria within pop culture (by Fork).

9 Eskil Vogt

THE INNOCENT Rakel Lenora Fløttum as Ida

Eskil Vogt recently left everyone in awe of his latest film, Innocents, a Norwegian thriller about four children who become friends and discover hidden powers. While exploring their new abilities, what starts out as an innocent game takes a dark turn and strange things start to happen.

Vogt’s specialty seems to be unsettling atmospheric dramas, something also present in his feature debut. Blind. He collaborated with Joachim Trier in films like The worst person in the world and, even more remarkably, Thelma, which also deals with supernatural powers that escalate into something dark. Fans are certainly hoping that Eskil Vogt maintains this weird psychological tone in future projects.

8 Julia Ducournau

Adrian from Titanium

Ducournau’s last film Titanium was a brutal body horror film that had people coming out at Cannes, but its debut film is by no means any sweeter. Raw follows a young vegetarian studying to become a veterinarian. After participating in a freshman collective prank, she develops an insatiable craving for human meat.

Both Ducournau films are about the transition from girlhood to womanhood, fulfilling extreme desires in a delicate, yet shockingly visceral way. Instead of going for a sensory approach, she is a director who expresses her ideas through the physical, in stories filled with bodily fluids, substances and blood, evoking the importance of the deepest and most crazy about humanity.

seven Brandon Cronenberg

Brandon Cronenberg Owner Andrea Riseborough Christopher Abbott

Brandon Cronenberg follows in the path of his father, the acclaimed David Cronenberg, delivering films with disturbing social commentary and signature body horror elements, but with a huge gap between them. His first movie AntiviralsI came out in 2012, a psychological sci-fi story about a mysterious company that sells celebrity illnesses to their obsessed fans.

It took 8 years before his second feature film Possessor came out, a much more polished horror film in terms of violence and tension, also set in a sci-fi setting. In conclusion, both Cronenbergs dominate the body horror scene, and a collaboration between them would be amazing.

6 Panos Cosmetics

Mandy 2018 Black Skulls Biker Gang

The specialty of Panos Cosmatos seems to be the absurd. Beyond the Black Rainbow was her directorial debut and blended a compelling sci-fi setup into an uninterrupted, terrifying journey through the heart of madness as a young woman desperately tries to escape from an isolated, near-futuristic commune.

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He returns 8 years later with another very stylish horror film with Nicolas Cage, mandy. The film is a chaotic, anxiety-inducing festival of madness and psychedelic color, and it spares no expense in shocking viewers and leaving them on the edge of their seats. Cosmatos is set to make an A24 movie in the near future and rumors point to another mind-blowing masterpiece (per Collider).

5 Ari Aster

Promotional image for the 2019 horror film Midsommar.

Expectations Are High For Ari Aster’s Next Release Disappointing boulevard., which promises to mix dark humor and horror and will star Joaquin Phoenix. While Aster has released many interesting short films over the past decade, he came into the limelight after his first film Hereditary, which ended up being a big hit and a wonderful treat for any horror fan.

Ari Aster continued to break horror conventions in his second film, Midsommarwhich promises to scare and shock viewers with a film shot entirely in broad daylight, a folkloric horror story following a group of American friends who find themselves caught in the middle of a disturbing Swedish ritual that quickly becomes a dangerous struggle for survival.

4 Kogonada

Colin Farrell in After Yang

Kogonada used to lead a popular video essay Youtube channel on cinema before finally trying to make films himself. In his first feature film Columbus, it evokes the delicate and conversational structure so distinctive of Richard Linklater’s films, a great source of inspiration for Kogonada. The film tells the intimate story of a successful businessman and a young architecture enthusiast who meet and become friends.

As emotionally driven as Columbus, After Yang is a 2022 release and Kogonada’s second feature, featuring Colin Farrell in one of his most heartfelt performances. He plays a distant father trying to put his family back together after the loss of their beloved android Yang.

3 Drew Godard

Drew Goddard seems determined to subvert every trope of horror and thriller movies in the most chaotic way. His first movie, cabin in the woods, was a divisive satire that discusses what exactly compels audiences when it comes to horror. After five friends vacationing in a remote cabin, the film begins as an unassuming mystery story, then quickly takes shape into slasher, then sci-fi, then something so incredibly over-the-top it’s hard to describe. .

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His second feature film, Bad times at the El Royaleonce again brings together a group of unconventional characters in one place, turned into a decadent hotel, in a mysterious atmosphere of suspicion as each reveals who they really are.

2 Jordan Pele

Exit Daniel Kaluuya

The director of the huge box office success get out will release his third film, Nope, very soon, end of July. Although the leaked plot is vague in order to maintain the mystery, it would be in line with Peele’s previous two feature films, featuring unrelenting mystery and horror elements, mirrored by Nopethe R rating of .

Jordan Peele’s second film, Wewas a supernatural thriller starring Lupita Nyong’o and far more controversial than get out but still compels most viewers, confirming that Peele is one of the most original and influential figures in horror.

1 Cooper Raiff

Andrew and Domino look at each other

Cooper Raif blessed viewers with two heartfelt and painfully relatable rom-coms, establishing himself as one of the most distinguished budding filmmakers to watch. At only 25 years old, he has directed two feature films also written, edited and starred by him: Shit, follow a lonely freshman trying to fit in, and Cha Cha real smoothwhich depicts the unexpected bond between an outgoing college graduate and a young mother.

According DeadlineRaiff’s next feature is called The Trackers with peak performance of stranger things David Harbor star; It will tell the true story of Jimmy Galante, trash mogul and associate of the Genovese crime family, marking a huge shift in tone when considering Raiff’s first two films.

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