10 ‘Love, Death + Robots’ Stories That Can Be Developed Into Feature Films

Love, death and robots is a series of animated short stories that span various genres and animation techniques, so viewers never know what to expect when a new episode airs. The series has something for everyone, from comedy to sci-fi, fantasy, horror, and drama. Moreover, because love death and robots is an anthology series, viewers don’t need to watch the entire series to get the overall plot.

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As a result, each episode can stand on its own, with its own idea and concept to keep everyone entertained. Although the series is full of sexual violence, these unique insights are both so entertaining and philosophical that feature films can and should be made of them. Thus, here is the list of 10 episodes from both seasons that the producers should take note of.

Beyond the Aquila Rift

Beyond the Aquila Rift” is a sci-fi horror short film about a spaceship that veers off course and crashes into a station too good to be true. There, our protagonist, Thom, reconnects with an old flame who turned out not to be someone she claimed she was, and neither did the station.

Because of the serious questions about life and death along with the creepy theme the episode presents, it deserves consideration for a feature film. Moreover, the film can easily reach a wide audience due to its seamless integration of sci-fi and philosophical elements. Not to mention its cutting-edge CGI technology and daring intimate scenes with their own hidden meaning.


Sonnie’s Edge

In a dystopian cyberpunk future, a frightened and traumatized young woman named Sonnie has participated in merciless fights between artificial beasts to entertain the sadistic rich and powerful. There she is seduced by the mistress of a sinister man who bet on Sonnie’s beast.

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The idea of ​​an underground battle ring between monsters controlled only by humans is promising and can easily be presented on its own. Besides, “Sonnie’s Edgehas an unexpected twist that leaves viewers eager to learn more about Sonnie’s past, which can be expanded into a two-hour dual timeline.

Good hunt

Good huntis based on the three-time Hugo Award-winning author, Ken LiuThe story of the same name. The episode is set in early 1900s China and uses elements of traditional folklore and the steampunk genre to tell the story of a young inventor’s longstanding bond with a shape-shifting Huli jing, and the partnership that turns them both into oppressive powers.

Good hunt” explores the relationship between magic and technology, as well as the strange connection between two ostensibly adversarial characters and the perfect synthesis of folklore and modernity. Viewers would pay a premium price to see a 2-hour feature film explaining what happened to the mystical creatures that once roamed the Earth when the technological age arrived.

The witness

The witness” depicts a lady who witnesses a terrible murder and flees from the perpetrator through the streets of the city. Fortunately, she managed to kill her pursuer in the end, or did she?

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The mind-blowing ending to “The witness“, fans wondered if they had paid enough attention to detail or were just too distracted by the episode’s pacing. As a result, the episode could be turned into a time-loop psychological thriller with animation. amazing and realistic that will keep viewers on edge everywhere.

Three bots

Three bots“Follow three robots on a post-apocalyptic tourist journey, long after mankind has died. Later, the three travelers were surprisingly greeted by an army of talking cats at the end, which was a surprising twist.

A sci-fi comedy feature film could be made to explore the past of the three leads and how they came to be who they are. Additionally, a likely explanation for the end of mankind, as well as the origins of how the cat can communicate, can be provided within the 2-hour runtime.

Zima Blue

The story of famous artist Zima is portrayed through the eyes of a journalist who is also a huge fan. Zima produced her own shade of blue and underwent various treatments in order to become more of a machine than a man and be able to traverse the universe.

Zima Blue” is one of those shorts that could be made into one of the best philosophical films ever made with an in-depth question about the meaning of life and what it means to be human. So a longer runtime at the longer than 11 minutes can allow viewers to learn more about Zima’s genesis story and delve into her brilliant mind.

Pop Team

Pop Teamfollows Detective Briggs as he undergoes a significant shift in his beliefs about immortality. On his planet, only the wealthy are allowed to have children, as drug-induced immortality has led to excessive overpopulation and scarcity of resources. Later, he meets a child during his daily mission and his life is changed forever.

The episode is comparable to blade runner in that it deals with a similar major issue and law enforcement being forced to eliminate their own race. If made into a feature film, it will have more time to examine the seriousness of overpopulation and deepen Detective Brigg’s moral transformation. “Pop Team“has the potential to be spectacular blade runner competitor in the same genre.

Snow in the dessert

An ageless albino named “Snow” is pursued by a series of hitmen on a barren, scorched planet on the outskirts of galactic civilization. However, once Hirald, a charming stranger, saves his life, she reveals her own plans for him.

snow in the desert“, like many of the series’ best episodes, unabashedly tackles difficult questions about humanity, the future, and the purpose of life. With the possibility of being developed into a feature film, the showrunners will have more time to exploring the cosmos in which the story takes place, as well as answering the question of what happens to humans when they become eternal.

The secret war

The secret waris set during World War II, with elite Red Army soldiers battling an unspeakable enemy deep in the ancient forests of Siberia. The fact that the plot just doesn’t make the episode any less enjoyable.

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The secret war” is completely apolitical, focusing instead on outstanding animation, incredible fight scenes, and an overarching plot that could be taken up as a feature film. The filmmakers are free to explore and expand on the episode’s existing elements to to produce an action-packed, religious thriller.

A drowned giant

The episode is based on JG Ballard‘s short story of the same name, in which a two-hundred-foot-tall naked man washes up on shore outside a small fishing village, drawing crowds to view the spectacle. Leviathan’s submission to nature is documented by a local scientist.

A drowned giant“seems to have the most basic plot but contains the show’s most hidden themes and messages. While it lacks the obvious elements to produce a feature film like the others on the list, this episode continues to explore the larger meaning of life and death, which could easily become a masterpiece if put in the right hands.

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