10 feature films we’re dying to see at the 2021 Fantasia International Film Festival


The Fantasia International Film Festival is proud to celebrate its upcoming 25th edition, which will once again take place as a virtual event accessible to audiences across Canada. The festival will run from August 5-25, 2021 and will feature scheduled screenings and premieres, panels and workshops, with films again hosted on the cutting-edge platform created by Festival Scope and Shift72. Here are 10 feature films we can’t wait to see at the Fantasia International Film Festival!

The last thing Mary saw – Edoardo Vitaletti

Prepare for THE LAST THING MARY SEEN, a mind-boggling occult drama set on an isolated farm in the winter of 1843, where a young woman is investigated following the mysterious death of her family’s matriarch. It quickly becomes apparent that ageless forces are at play, inside and out. A weird and hypnotic nightmare vision from first writer / director Edoardo Vitaletti, starring Stefanie Scott (INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 3), Isabelle Fuhrman (ORPHAN), Judith Roberts (YOU HAVE NEVER REALLY BEEN THERE) and Rory Culkin (LORDS OF CHAOS). WORLD PREMIERE.

The Fantasia International Film Festival

King Knight – Richard Bates Jr.

Richard Bates Jr. is a longtime member of the Fantasia family with festival favorites EXCISION, Trash FIRE, TONE-DEAF, and SUBURBAN GOTHIC. We are delighted to announce his return with the extraordinary KING KNIGHT, an alien outsider comedy starring Matthew Gray Gubler and Angela Sarafyan as Thorn and Willow, husband and wife high priest and priestess of a witch clan in a small California community. When Willow uncovers a secret from Thorn’s past, their lives are turned upside down in this wacky and clever treat, adorned with a savage cast that includes Nelson Franklin, Johnny Pemberton, Barbara Crampton, Ray Wise, Andy Milonakis and the voices of Aubrey Plaza. and AnnaLynne McCord. WORLD PREMIERE.

The Fantasia International Film Festival

Baby money – Mikhael Bassilli and Luc Walpoth

After a botched heist, two criminals take refuge in a single mother’s house while their fleeing driver prepares an escape plan in Mikhael Bassilli and Luc Walpoth’s phenomenal. MONEY FOR BABY. Growing suspense, textured characters and shaken storytelling come together in this powerful and thrilling crime thriller. Led by a remarkable cast which includes Danay Garcia (FEAR THE LIVING DEATH), Taja V. Simpson (THE OVAL), Michael Drayer (SIR. ROBOT) and Joey Kern (GOOD BEHAVIOR) alongside newcomer Vernon Taylor III, an exceptional talent for special needs. WORLD PREMIERE.

Fantasia International Film Festival

Master of Hell – The Adams family

A coming-of-age occult film like you’ve never seen before, CONTENT OF HELL is the extraordinary new creation from the Adams family (John Adams, Toby Poser, Zelda Adams), the family of talented directors behind the indie sensation of 2019 THE MORE YOU DIG. He further asserts their stature as singular poets of the genre, creating moving and entirely original works with a unique look and feel, this time in the dreamy story of a lonely teenage girl (Zelda Adams) who finds lineage guidance. supernatural removed from her family. CONTENT OF HELL imaginatively explores issues of identity, instinct and power roles among young people and parents. A strange film that is haunting, heartfelt, scary and fun at the same time. WORLD PREMIERE.

Fantasia International Film Festival

Agnes– Mickey Reece

In AGNES, the latest addition to prolific filmmaker Mickey Reece (HUNTER’S CLIMATE), a dissident priest and a neophyte with bright eyes are sent to investigate rumors of demonic possession in a convent. The two will be faced with temptation as strange events test their faith, as well as that of a specific nun in residence. This structurally daring film tests the narrow restrictions of (self) narration and memory, as well as those of institutional religion. With Hayley McFarland (CONSPIRACY), Jake Horowitz (THE VAST NIGHT) and Ben Hall (MINARI), and starring Sean Gunn, Rachel True, Chris Browning and Molly C. Quinn. FIRST INTERNATIONAL.

Fantasia International Film Festival

Kratt – Rasmus Merivoo

12 years later BURATINO, SON OF PINOCCHIO, Rasmus Merivoo returned to the cinema with KRATT. In a small Estonian village, two children (Nora and Harri Merivoo, the director’s own children), hoping to get out of farm work, bring the local legend of The Kratt – a Terminator-type demonic spirit who must always be fed. of work, or if not – to life so that they can escape their chores, but in doing so they can cause the destruction of all human life on earth! It’s pretty safe to say that no other film at Fantasia 2021 will reach by KRATT delicious nonsense – unless another dry / fantasy comedy / Estonian political commentary comes to replace it. NORTH AMERICAN FIRST.

Fantasia International Film Festival

Honey you won’t believe it – Yernar Nourgaliev

Seasoned Kazakh comedy director Yernar Nurgaliyev immerses himself in horror comedy for the first time, serving us a fresh and vibrant mix of genres while spicing it up with a Kazakh twist. Three bona fide losers escape their drama-filled lives to set off together on their first fishing trip, in a van full of sex dolls and great optimism. While fishing peacefully, they see inane thugs accidentally blowing up someone’s head. As he is hotly pursued by the gangsters, a one-eyed, very skilled with knives and fists, watches with stoic amusement in the shadows and begins to take out the two parties one by one. The situation quickly escalates into a complicated status, as it is mating season for a “friendly” lady who may be linked to the killer, and who has found a candidate among the hunted group. With no one to save them, what twisted fates and bodily injuries will our heroes and villains welcome? Strap in for absolute joyous madness guaranteed to tickle your funny bone – while shattering all other bones with its brilliantly crafted executions. To imagine THE HANGOVER meets CHAINSAW MASSACRE and a touch of WHY DON’T YOU DIE (Fantasy 2019). CANADIAN PREMIERE.

ALL MOON – Igor Legarreta

Spain. 1876. A young girl (Haizea Carneros) is seriously injured when a religious orphanage is bombed during the Third Carlist War. On the verge of death, she is healed by a mysterious woman (Itziar Itu̱o) whom she perceives as an angel. They are soon separated, the child left on her own Рfor decades and decades. With ALL MOON, director Igor Legarreta masterfully uses the principles of the vampire lore as the basis of an intimate epic dealing with themes of life and death, love and loneliness, devotion and intolerance. Impeccably designed, it ranks among the best in vampire cinema. FIRST INTERNATIONAL.

Coming home in the dark – James Ashcroft

As stimulating as it is devastating, RETURN HOME IN THE DARK is an extremely tense road movie through hell that plays out like a home invasion thriller set largely in a moving car. Based on the 1995 short story by award-winning New Zealand author Owen Marshall, described by David Hill as “one of the most poignant tales in our literature,” he is an extraordinary Neo-Noir who addresses the horrific failures of New Zealand public institutions. through a gender lens with an impact that will tear your guts apart. With this masterful debut feature, director / co-writer James Ashcroft achieves multiple miracles in tightly controlled staging and an ability to build grounded characters in tandem with bottomless reservoirs of suspense. Evocative of Mario Bava ENRAGED DOGS, centered on a singularly disturbing performance by Daniel Gillies (THE ORIGINALS), RETURN HOME IN THE DARK is an anguished journey into the most human horrors. Told with compassion – and without mercy. – Mitch Davis – FIRST QUEBEC

Which are you looking forward to? Are any of our choices on your list? Let us know and stay tuned for upcoming coverage of the Fantasia International Film Festival 2021 via news, reviews and interviews!

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