10 best documentary films on Netflix right now

As the world sits at home and what seems like a single piece of information these days, society yearns for something to think about and discuss. There’s only so much more to discuss about supermarkets, scrabble and social distancing.

Now more than ever is the perfect time to pull over and start watching the latest crazes we haven’t yet answered.

Netflix documentary series such as Making A Murderer and Tiger King meet our needs as mentioned earlier. A great escape from (and a dose of) reality but one that requires a lot of commitment, time and concentration.

However, there are plenty of standalone pieces on the popular streaming service, under or around two hours, that are just as engaging and thought-provoking.

The subjects are not lacking either. Politics, Animals, Nature, Crimes, Inequalities. There’s something for everyone, no matter who you isolate yourself with. Here are less than a dozen to get you started.

BAFTA-nominated director Tim Wardle’s documentary Three Identical Strangers is one of Netflix’s latest releases, following its premiere at the Sundance Film Festival in 2018.

The films follow the true story of a trio of indistinguishable men who don’t know each other. Robert Shafran details how we found out he had a twin brother, Edward Galland in college. Same hair, same smile, same baseball hands, shared birthday and both adopted.

Incredibly, the couple are enlightened, due to media coverage, that they have another identical sibling, David Kellman, who was also born at the same hospital.

The first quarter of an hour of well-being is a fairy tale, but the play and the lives of the trio unfortunately take a tragic turn. Childhood anxiety, dodged questions, a shocking revelation of their estrangement and more unfold in this remarkable docudrama.

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