Financial Products Will Have Interest Reduction


“SAO PAULO, Sept 28 (Reuters) – Lojas Renner has decided to reduce the maximum interest rate on its financial products to 9.8 percent a month as of Nov. 1 amid interest-rate cuts by the financial sector of the country this year.

The monthly fees currently levied by Renner are 12 percent on the personal loan and 15.8 percent on the card rotary. The minimum personal loan rate will go from 6.9 to 4.9 percent.

The retailer reported analysts and brokerages on the ruling the day before. Wanted by Reuters on Friday, the company’s press office confirmed the information.

The reduction, which leads Renner to one-digit maximum rates, follows the cycle of interest rate cuts in the country, amid a growing government effort to reduce interest on bank loans and credit cards.

Earlier, a source told Reuters that Banco do Brasil plans to reduce rates for some services on Friday, which could lead private sector rivals to follow the move.

Last week, Bradesco announced a significant reduction of interest on its credit cards, which went up to a single digit, in an effort to stimulate this means of payment. Earlier this week, Itaú Unibanco reported that it expects all of its credit card rates to be in a single digit by the end of 2012.

The analyst team at Ativa Corretora considered Renner’s decision as negative, noting that revenue from financial services represents an important part of the retailer’s revenues, equivalent to 21 percent of cash generation.

“The company’s profitability will be hampered unless volumes grow substantially to offset the reduction … however, the high level of household indebtedness in the country makes this possibility unlikely,” they said in a report. Renner shares fell 1.38 percent at 11:49 am while the Ibovespa was down 1.54 percent.

Conclusions :

Where can you make the loan?

Where can you make the loan?


The financial products of Lojas Renner SA are purchased at Espaço Realizar Soluções Financeiras , for this, it is enough to attend one of the Stores and make the request.


How to hire the products

How to hire the products

In order to obtain the personal loan or the Fast withdraw Renner it is necessary to present the basic documents: CPF, RG, proof of income and current residence, in addition you must have the “Renner Card or My Card” for registration purposes. The pre-approved credit in these modalities are valid only for Renner customers.

The contracting of the personal loan with check has rules, the client must have at least 6 months of bank account, possess checkbook being himself the holder of the account, the CPF of the applicant must be in regular situation. Minimum age for application is 18 years.


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