Author: Earl Meyer

Can I, as a self-employed person, take out a mortgage

You are an entrepreneur or you are thinking of starting for yourself in the form of a sole trader. It is a step that many people make. You can also ensure a stable income as a self-employed person. But, especially when you have just started, you often have to deal with a variable income. Or Read More

5 Crazy Tactics Not To Use Credit Card Eliminating Debts

  Having or not having a Credit Card? Use or not to use a credit card? That is the question! Chances are that you may have heard or read dozens of articles with tips on controlling credit card spending, from throwing them out at sea at the turn of the year, stuffing them into the Read More

Financial Products Will Have Interest Reduction

  “SAO PAULO, Sept 28 (Reuters) – Lojas Renner has decided to reduce the maximum interest rate on its financial products to 9.8 percent a month as of Nov. 1 amid interest-rate cuts by the financial sector of the country this year. The monthly fees currently levied by Renner are 12 percent on the personal Read More

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