5 Crazy Tactics Not To Use Credit Card Eliminating Debts


Having or not having a Credit Card? Use or not to use a credit card? That is the question! Chances are that you may have heard or read dozens of articles with tips on controlling credit card spending, from throwing them out at sea at the turn of the year, stuffing them into the freezer, or cutting them with scissors.

Do these tactics really work or are they simply sadistic financial advice? Make sympathy, ask for holy, make promises are also on the list of advice. Let’s look at some simple credit card spending management tactics that you might find odd or find strange.

1 – Freeze the credit card in the refrigerator.


1 - Freeze the credit card in the refrigerator.


This tactic is as simple as possible, I do not know if it is effective. You put your credit cards in a Tupperware (nationally known as Tapauer), fill with water and then put inside the freezer. The idea is basic, prevent you from impulse shopping, do not know yet whether it is strategy or sympathy.

The case is that if you take the card out of the ice, it will still work, the magnetic stripe continues to run normally. Did you think that would hinder its operation? He deceived himself.


2 – Place the card in the Microwave.


The inverse of the card in the refrigerator is to put it in the microwave, in this attempt to wipe out the card, the magnetic stripe goes into space. It’s really effective. This tactic offers a good chance of getting your card out of circulation. There really are no disadvantages to this strategy. Try it!

3 – Ask a relative to hide the card.

3 - Ask a relative to hide the card.


Giving your credit card to someone you trust would make it a short-term solution. The idea is to ask your relative, friend, or relative to keep the card, be sure to give accurate instructions on non-return of the card if you experience some kind of consumer abstinence. In doing so, make sure the person is not a compulsive spender, otherwise the tactic will go down.

4 – Cut the credit cards in half.

4 - Cut the credit cards in half.


Keep scissors always around! My Grandma said. If you cut your cards this can actually decrease your spending on useless things. This tactic is for people who can not use a credit card without spending every available limit. Cutting the cards is more effective than freezing the credit card in the refrigerator or asking for a family member to hide it.


5 – Decrease your credit card limit.


5 - Decrease your credit card limit.


Asking the manager to lower the credit limit for card purchases is the most sensible and consistent tactic of all, in which case the consumer is forced to maintain a relatively low spending balance. The big problem here is the card limit pulling your rating down and disrupting score progress.

But … if you have problems of discipline with credit, so that more limit is not it?

While these 5 crazy tactics for not using credit cards seem not to be helpful, the interesting thing is you motivate the strength of not spending more on the card. The best bet is to learn to effectively manage your credit in the quest to keep your monthly budget healthy all the time.

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