Month: May 2019

Help from Europe to families and SMEs for mortgages and loans

Good news from the EU for the mortgage and loan market of all kinds, from SME loans to salary-backed loans. Apparently getting the sum needed to buy a house or grant wishes like buying a car will be easier. Merit of the proposed reform of banking regulations approved by the European Parliament in the past Read More

How to Take Advantage of a Capital Replacement Trust

     Although charitable remnant trust (CRT) can be an excellent tool for charitable purposes and estate planning, confidence-building trust is sometimes a better option. When you establish a charity for the rest of the trust, you transfer valued property to an irrevocable trust and you designate a charity as a beneficiary. Part (or all) Read More

Books to Learn About Personal Finance

  Have you read any books to learn about personal finance ? Anyone must agree that it is impossible to live today without needing money. He pays the bills, the food, the clothes and let’s face it, he also brings a lot of headaches especially to those who have little or no. But, did you Read More

Can I, as a self-employed person, take out a mortgage

You are an entrepreneur or you are thinking of starting for yourself in the form of a sole trader. It is a step that many people make. You can also ensure a stable income as a self-employed person. But, especially when you have just started, you often have to deal with a variable income. Or Read More